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Living and Building a home in the heart of France
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For anyone who's ever thought about escape, for anyone who's had a dream of living abroad, of making their own haven, of finding the finer things in life... and for everyone who knows us, this is for you.
We built our new home here in the Limousin in deepest France. We took it from field to finished house, so if you'd like to see it grow, save this site to your favourites and pop in from time to time!
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Our little Gîte is available for holidays and long weekend breaks. Click here for details.
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August 2009
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My Veggie Recipes
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Maison Lapeyrière - click here
Italian Bean Casserole
Homemade crumpets..
Looking for your own place here in the lovely Limousin? Take a look at this...
Friends proving it's possible to run a business in France.
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Recording Studio
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Capture your music, your voice, your talent. Come to stay and play, leave with your own high quality recording on CD master. Enquire here.
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Their beautiful laundrette. Proving to be a thriving and regular business all year round.
If you're house-hunting, why not try this agency -
and stay in our gite while you're viewing properties.
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Spinach & Ricotta
...and more